iTown Realty Launches the Upgraded 3Tier Selling Program


iTown Realty's innovative approach to selling your home is changing the real estate industry.  When selling one of your most expensive assets, one should be educated on all of his/her options.   By staying in the forefront of the real estate industry's most effective marketing techniques, iTown Realty prides itself on laying out a strategy that best fits your specific situation.

Our "Option" based Commission selling program:

Our proven 4.9%, 3.9% and 2.9% programs allow you, the seller, the opportunity to maximize your home equity by utilizing different marketing strategies only offered through iTown Realty.  As a Full Service brokerage company we recognize the need for unparalleled customer service and insightful marketing.  But not every seller may need or require a full service broker to assist them.  As the real estate industry has grown, new selling models have entered the market.  Instead of ignoring these changes, iTown has embraced the idea that there may be some benefit to using these different marketing models to your advantage.  
At iTown we customized a program that helps educate and explain how these marketing models work and the pros and cons offered with each one.   By having a complete understanding of the industry, iTown has the ability to offer our sellers several different marketing options.   
We have put together a 3 Tier Selling Program that focuses on giving "You", the seller, the ability to choose what level of marketing you want for your property and what level of customer service you would prefer.  Each of our commission options offers different levels of marketing as well as different levels of customer service.
To learn more about our selling program please contact one of our sales associates today or email us at