Our Real Estate Values and Concept

Our knowledge of the Chicago Realty Market offers you the Power to Choose

iTown Realty was created on the sole concept of giving you the POWER to CHOOSE which real estate option works best for your specific situation.

Our company's success has been driven by focusing on two general principles:

Educate and advise our clients on the choices they have when selling their home, which is usually their most expensive asset

Provide insightful knowledge of the home buying process and expert information on the different areas our clients are looking to move into.

Some of the best choices are made only after researching all of your options. If you are looking for a company who assists in completing this vital step during the home buying or selling process, you have come to the right place.

Empower yourself today and take a visit through iTown... the home where options live!

Our Realty Mission and Goals

To establish a lasting real estate partnership with both buyers and sellers by providing buyers with professional advice they can rely upon and sellers with options based on our proven 3 Tier program.

Our goal is to educate sellers on all of their real estate options with a proven hybrid selling strategy that utilizes the best available marketing tools and offers the highest level of customer service.

Our goal with buyers is to represent iTown Realty as a place where buyers can visit to learn the purchasing process and work with a professional consultant who evaluates their needs and has their best interests in mind.