iTown Realty gives you the Power to Choose

The conception of iTown sprang from a basic idea - in order to make the best decision, one must know all his or her options before deciding on the best one. Based on this notion, iTown constructed '3' different commission based marketing programs that allow you to choose the option that works best when selling your home.

With offices serving the Chicagoland area, iTown realty is a full service residential brokerage firm whose sole mission is to partner with each client and help educate them on all of their real estate choices.

Our proven 4.9%, 3.9% and 2.9% rate programs combined with our expertise in your community make iTown Realty a simple choice for providing the professional and educational advice you demand from your real estate professional.

Empower yourself today and list your property with us, by choosing the marketing program that suites you best. Please review all your iTown Realty options below:


MLS Listing:

Your home will be input into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and MAP (Northern Suburban MLS). Through iTown Realty's participation in the MLS, information on your home is available every day to the entire Realtor community in the greater Chicagoland metropolitan area.

3-Tier Selling Options

Included Advertising Channels

4.9% Option #1

3.9% Option #2

2.9% Option #3

MLS a a a
Maximum Internet Exposure
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iTown Realty Sign
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Chicago Tribune Advertising
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Virtual Tour with Musical Slide Show
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Customized Brochure
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Open Houses
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Local Newspaper Advertising
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Customized Flyer Service
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iTownRealty Postcards
Mailing for Your Home
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Personalized Website
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**Customer service varies with each option

Internet Exposure:

Your home will be displayed on numerous web site including the following:,,, birdview,, homeseekers,, Trulia , Google Base, Hotpads, and Craigslist. This is designed to give your property maximum site exposure. ( connects to several additional web links.)

Personalized Internet Site:

With 90% of buyers starting their search online, what better place to position your property for them to see than with your own customized website.

Virtual Tour:

A virtual tour will be created and electronically attached to your home's MLS listing, Chicago Tribune online site, and . This enables every realtor and potential buyer to view the tour online.

Customized Brochure:

This brochure will include color pictures and detailed descriptions of your home. Multiple copies of the brochure will remain at your home for potential buyers to take.

Customized Flyer Service:

A customized flyer is created and delivered to every real estate agent in the immediate area based on the location of your property.

Open Houses:

Your home is opened up to prospective buyers for several hours for viewing.

An open house provides a comfortable environment for interested parties to view the highlights of your home.

Yard Sign:

An iTown sign will be installed in front of your property. This will inform the neighborhood that your property is for sale. It is a great way to have people start talking to their friends and family about your property and is a great advertisement to attract potential buyers that may be passing by.

Print Advertising:

Your home will be advertised in the Chicago Tribune and any local newspapers.

iTown Postcards:

Direct mailing to 200 homes in and around your property. Targeted to inform your local community that your property is for sale.