Advertising Program for the Free listing Option, Limited Time Offer

This option is for the "DO-IT-YOURSELFERS". It is designed to help people maximize their equity, while still being able to strategically market their property through effective advertising channels. The following summarizes the framework of this option and outlines what the seller will receive: All showings and appointments are scheduled and conducted through the seller(s).

MLS Listing:

Your home will be input into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and MAP (North Suburban MLS). Through iTown Realty's participation in the MLS, information on your home is available every day to the entire Realtor community in the greater Chicagoland metropolitan area.

Strategic Internet Exposure:

Your home will be displayed on and

This is designed to give your property maximum site exposure. is the primary source where buyers begin their home search. The site includes the following:

- 90% of listed properties in the United States
- Promotion in national TV commercials and print campaigns
- #1 ranking for average minutes spent per visit
- Linkage with other powerful sites

iTown Sign:

An iTown sign will be installed in front of your property. This will inform the neighborhood that your property is for sale. It is a way to have people start talking to their friends and family about your property and is a great advertisement to attract potential buyers that may be passing by.